Shop Tax Free

At the shop, just give your passport to the cashier to process your digital tax free form. Your purchases are digitally linked to your passport without a need to write any information on paper. Try it, buying tax free is now fast and easy.

The merchant gives you a receipt with Premier e-Taxfree ID on it. Your goods are also sealed and marked with Premier e-Taxfree’s or merchant’s label.

Choose Bundling

We bundle your multiple purchases into one and you get more money back in one greater refund. Simple, let us explain how it works.

Finnish VAT refund table works so that the lower the value of your purchase, the lower percentage refund you get. For example, on your purchase of 40 euros your normal refund is 51% of the VAT value only.


This means that some refund agents charge you up to a half of the VAT as their commission when you buy tax free.  They also refund your every purchase separately, which effectively means that they apply a lower refund rate and you get less VAT back on each purchase.

We change this logic to your benefit. Instead of refunding you on the basis of each separate purchase, we give you one much greater refund based on the cumulative value of all your purchases. This is called bundling your purchases. We apply a higher refund table rate and you save more!

Register to MyAccount

MyAccount is our loyalty program tailored for travelers who visit and shop frequently in Finland.


The Plus and Premium loyalty levels offer you from 5% to 10% extra refund based on your MyAccount balance. It is great to make all shopping with Premier e-Taxfree and enjoy these extra benefits.


With MyAccount you can:

  • Check your transactions
  • Get online refund payment
  • Print tax free forms



Follow Our Promotions

We run many promotions that help you taking maximum advantage of MyAccount. Many merchants collaborate with us to run their promotions and campaigns. Follow these special promotions and campaigns to get more refund and save money.

Refer a friend to Premier e-Taxfree. Again, you can save even more by recommending this great service. It is our way of saying “thanks” for spreading the word about Premier e-Taxfree.