Traveller gets significantly more refund and saves up to 70%

Traveller get more refund

Premier e-Taxfree is fully digital and paperless tax refund for travellers shopping in Finland. Tax refund is fast and easy, both at the shop and at the border, and due to our smooth digital process travellers can save up to 70% in service fees compared to other refund options.





MyAccount bundles multiple purchases into one greater refund

Many travellers make multiple purchases during one or recurring visits. We bundle these purchases during the last 12 months and return more VAT to the traveller on each new purchase based on the amount of cumulated purchases.

The traveller has the MyAccount app to smoothly manage all transaction while on travel and after returning home.


Travellers appreciate our smooth customer service at the border.

The VAT refund is received fast and easy just by scanning the traveller’s passport and e-Taxfree ID (QR code). The traveller can choose between using our personal service or self-service kiosk. The travellers value that we are open almost 24/7 at the busiest borders.