fast and easy tax free digitally



You do everything digitally without writing any information
on paper.

The traveller doesn’t need to make a registration in advance.



Fast and easy, you need only the small e-Taxfree terminal or app and the ID labels.

When you are done with the normal sale transaction just scan the traveller’s passport and attach the e-Taxfree ID on the backside of the receipt.

Scan the ID to close the transaction.

Easy tax free - no need to fill papers - everything is done digitally.




E-Tax Free and e-Invoice in the same system to provide easy tax free


e-Taxfree and e-Invoice in the same system

When offering also “invoice” refund you can shift into uniform process by managing both invoice and tax free refunds in one integrated system.

The traveller can, however, at any point of time flexibly choose the most suited refund option.