Choose e-Invoice

Choose e-Taxfree

Selected merchants offer frequent travellers also so called “invoice” refund, especially in South-Eastern Finland. We and our partnering merchants call this e-Invoice as we make also this process digital. If you know that you will visit the same merchant again in the near future you may choose e-Invoice to get in-store refund at the merchant. This offers flexibility for travellers who shop frequently at the same merchant.

Premier e-Taxfree gives you full flexibility in choosing between e-Taxfree and e-Invoice. When shopping, you do not have to decide immediately, where and how to get your refund. When crossing the border you need to get the export validation normally, but you can choose whether you want to get your instant refund when departing at the border (e-Taxfree) or in-store refund in the same shop, when you next time visit Finland again (e-Invoice).

Note: Only selected merchants offer e-Invoice